Real property for sale in the Philippines: don’t miss this opportunity

High quality real estate in the Philippines

Thinking of retiring to the beautiful Philippines or investing in high-quality beachside Philippine real estate? Let us introduce you to Boracay View Resort, a new resort-style development on Carabao Island facing popular Boracay Island, just 2.5 miles away by boat.

Carabao: Constructing new villas as showmodels in 2018

Carabao is often referred to as “the next Boracay.” The difference is that you can still buy a luxury property here at an affordable price before it goes the way of real estate in Boracay, where prices have shot up in the past decade.

Luxury leisure and residential living in the Philippines

Boracay View Resort is the first development project offering a mix of leisure and residential living in this region of the Philippines. If you have been looking for Philippine real estate for sale in a tropical beachside location with great potential, then Boracay is worth looking into.

First class services and security

The architecturally designed homes, together with the landscaped parks and gardens, exude an elegant, Asian tropical theme, while the gently sloping site ensures spectacular ocean views from most lots. Boracay View Resort’s recreational and community facilities, management services, and security will be second to none.

Best opportunities for Philippines real estate

Currently, we believe our resort is one of the best opportunities for anyone looking for real estate in the Philippines. So close to all the action at Boracay, yet we will be much more affordable, you’ll be just far enough away from the busy tourist areas so you can truly enjoy your private piece of paradise.

Explore the villa types for sale

Find out more about this wonderful real estate project and Boracay View Resort’s features and explore the types of villas soon to be visited as showvillas. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.