Carabao Island is about three times the size of Boracay and is located just 2,5 miles to the North.

Being in the province of Romblon, it does not have the same wealth as the neighboring island Boracay, but it does have the same natural beauty, powder white-sand beach and crystal clear blue seawater. Carabao Island is relatively undeveloped compared with its neighbor Boracay.

The growing popularity of Carabao Island

To cater the existing population of 15,000 and the growth in tourism there is a hospital, churches and eight schools on the island. In 2010 the Romblon University settled on the Island opening its doors for the first Carabao students.

Colorful island

There are colorful local markets and stores to supply all needs. During the last few years some small resorts and dive schools have been established. Boracay View Resort is the first development of its size and scope and besides the government the largest employer on the Island.

No flooding risk on Carabao Island

Risk assessment study shows also that Carabao Island is not on the path nor is it near a fault line, hence a tsunami is remote. Moreover, the waves will not reach the lowest area even during high tides and heavy storms as the lowest area is 5 meters above sea level. Flooding will definitely not be a problem also as the entire area is surrounded by trees and basalt soil which protects the resort against landslides. With our drainage system we minimized the risk of any noisiance during the heaviest tropical rains.

Breath taking views

Boracay View Resort entrance is conveniently located on a cliff at the shoreline. Depending on where you choose your lot, it is a maximum enjoyable walk of 350 meters breath taking views through the subdivision to the beach.

Ever thought of living in an Island? At Boracay View Resort, you will enjoy each day!